With the HMD-Video-Converter you can convert 2D- and 3D-videos from and to videos watchable with Head Mounted Displays. Currently only the Oculus Rift DK1 is supported.
Possible use cases amongst others are:

  • Convert 3D-videos to videos immediately watchable with the Oculus Rift (to share it on video-platforms like youtube, etc.)
  • Convert Oculus Rift game-footage back to undistorted 2D-video
  • Convert Hero3-footage for making it watchable with the Oculus Rift with correct chromatic distortion and field of view
  • Undistort Hero3-footage

Compatible input- and output-formats are:

  • video-files (output-format is h264 in mp4 without audio)
  • image-sequences (output-format is 24bit-png)
  • image stills

HMD-Video-Converter can be downloaded for Windows 7/8 and Mac OS X 10.9 here: