LiveViewRift lets you watch different kinds of media with the Oculus Rift. You can use it to watch a movie, a panorama-slideshow or even do FPV-flying with the Rift. With its powerful distortion- and field-of-view-correction functions LiveViewRift lets you enjoy media as your eyes would be where the camera is.

It supports network cameras offering MJPEG-streams over http, cameras supported by OpenCV, Blackmagic DeckLink, iSight, display-mirroring, youtube-videos and basically all common network-streams like rtmp, rtsp, videos over http, etc. Additionally you can watch photos and videos on your computer.

Various mapping functions for correcting the image-distortion, field-of-view and view-pitch are configurable. All mapping parameters are fully adjustable and automatically memorized. Different views lets you conveniently calibrate your image-source. Rectilinear (normal), equidistant (typical fisheye), equirectangular (360°-panoramas), stereographic (“little planet”) and cylindrical (iPhone-panoramas) mappings are supported.

Also side-by-side stereo content is supported. With the help of advanced thought-out 3D-calibration features it will just work perfectly with any source offering side-by-side content.

With its environment-feature you can watch your media in virtual scenes like cinemas or other fun places. You can even use your own scenes by supplying them in the fbx-format.

LiveViewRift uses the official Oculus SDK for giving a state of the art experience and supporting the latest hardware from Oculus.

Possible use-cases amongst others are:

  • watch slideshows with mixed normal and panoramic photos
  • watch full-length movies
  • watch youtube-videos
  • do FPV-flying with correct field-of-view and camera-distortion- and pitch-correction as you would be sitting on the plane
  • do augmented-reality experiments by attaching a camera to the Rift (get amazing results with the iPhone-app iPCamera, which transmits compatible orientation-data together with the live-video)
  • Use the Rift as a virtual computer-screen for browsing the web, playing games, etc.

You can download LiveViewRift for Mac OS X 10.9 and Windows 7/8 here:

If you have any questions, please post them on the official thread in the OculusVR-forum or write me a private message.